Create a dedicated community around an identity or interest with a Mightybell Network

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A Mightybell Network lets your members…
Download a native mobile app for your network
Connect your most important people to each other.
Members of a Mightybell Network are instantly connected to members near them, members who share the same identity and members who care about the same topics. As they build relationships with each other, you unlock deeper, longer engagement and increase the value of your community.
A refreshingly different approach.
A Mightybell Network is a dedicated space to bring people together around an identity or interest outside the noise and clutter of other social channels. Because a Mightybell Network is focused on one interest, it’s easier and faster for your members to get to the meaningful conversations they care about.
We’ve built Mightybell for you.
A Mightybell Network is the best way to organize and scale a community that’s live, social and mobile. As a Host of a Mightybell Network, you’ll have full access to your data and the most comprehensive analytics available in the market.
You can also choose to set up your own subscriptions or add sponsorships to turn your Mightybell Network into a business.

Powerful search and discovery.

A Mightybell Network’s search and discovery features means your members can always find what they’re looking for, even if that’s just something new to browse.

The option to upgrade to your own mobile apps.

When you’re ready, Mightybell is the only service that offers the option to smoothly upgrade to your own branded iOS and Android native apps.

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Meet Gerard and Randy

Founders of Hairbrained, the premier community for craft hairdressers. They are community entrepreneurs who have built a thriving network on Mightybell. Hear their story.

We’re with you every step of the way.

Our guide to community entrepreneurship is a fresh take on launching a community, growing your following and creating a great business doing it.

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